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Community Audio
by Krewe Coumbite
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Devotees of the Akan spiritual tradition understand that all emerged from water. All comes from water. So we are water born. This sound of a fountain recorded in Charleston(the9), SC. 
Topics: Akan, Water, Guinea, Coromantees, Matrilineal
Folksoundomy: Music and Music Albums
by Funkhaus Europa
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Refugee Radio, mondays to fridays on 11:55 am and 11:55 pm on Funkhaus Europa (in NRW on frequency 103,3)
Topics: Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Funkhaus Europa, Refugee Radio, 12. Oktober, 12 أكتوبر, October 12,...
Flickr Video Captures
by Norbert Hülsmann
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Biomyxa sp. (Biomyxidae): Strains of two undescribed marine species isolated from ships’ ballast sediments arriving at Haifa (Israel) and videotaped at normal velocity and eightfold timelapse after transferring of the samples to Berlin. The sequences show cells with (1) a reticulate network of filose pseudopodia and (2) a pseudopodial lamella forming an adhesive plaque at the bottom of a polystyrene Petri dish used for cultivation and visualization. Possible origin of strains: Port of Long...
Topics: Flickr, video, taxonomy:binomial=biomyxasp, taxonomy:genus=biomyxa, taxonomy:family=biomyxidae,...